Sunday, March 15, 2009

Pens Lose....Dad Wins :-)

Yesterday I took Taylor and Christian to the Pens game. I chose this game because they were playing the Ottawa Senators...which is Christian's favorite team. We had a great time but the pens lost 4-3 in a sudden death shootout. We got our moneys worth and Christian got to see his favorite player Dany Heatley and he got to see his team win. I couldn't believe how some fans treated him and the comments that were made because he had an Ottawa jersey on...even though he is only 9 years old.( I almost got into it with one guy, but we just walked away) It led the boys to ask me questions about why some people are so mean, and why they talk the way they do (we heard some nasty language), and why are they at the game drunk. I answered their questions and I told them that Miss and I keep them away from that as much as we can....But we can't in those situations. They are old enough to see and understand alot of things now. They ask me all kinds of questions now about why people smoke and why they do drugs. I am glad they ask Miss and I....and not other people. Kids see so much...more than we know...and they take it all in. I have learned how important it is to set a good example and to be ready to answer the tough questions...because they are coming.

We had a great time together...I am so blessed to have two outstanding young men as sons. They smiled alot during the day and we laughed together and on our way to our car after the game....they thanked me for taking them and told me how much fun it was. It didn't matter to me who won the game....I invested in their life yesterday and I won....I was the hero....that makes it all worthwhile!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

My Little Cheerleader

Today Emma went to her first cheerleading camp at the high school. We were able to go and watch her for the last half hour to see what they learned. It was pretty cute...and it looked like all of the campers had fun. Thank you to the advisers and the high school cheerleaders for organizing the camp and giving up your Saturday for these young campers.

YMCA Basketball...Fun Times !!!

Today Christian's team played their last YMCA basketball game of the season. It was a fun season with a great group of kids that were easy to coach. We were down 4 points today halfway through the 4th quarter, but brought it back to tie it up, and then Christian tipped the ball to Daniel Callen under the basket and he put it in at the buzzer for the win. It was exciting...even though we are not supposed to be keeping score...yea right! You can tell by the smiles, they were having a blast!!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

True Sportsmanship !!!!!

This is an awesome article about a high school basketball team that put the life of a player on the opposing team ahead of winning a game. In a society that so often believes that we are to "win at all cost"....this team and their coach made a keep things in perspective.

Team's gesture supports grieving opponent

Two missed free throws, ordinarily the cause of a coach's headache, became the symbol of sportsmanship in a Milwaukee boys' basketball game earlier this month.
Milwaukee Madison senior Johntell Franklin, who lost his mother, Carlitha, to cancer on Saturday, Feb. 7, decided he wanted to play in that night's game against DeKalb (Ill.) High School after previously indicating he would sit out.
He arrived at the gym in the second quarter, but Franklin's name was not in the scorebook because his coach, Aaron Womack Jr., didn't expect him to be there.
Rules dictated Womack would have to be assessed a technical, but he was prepared to put Franklin in the game anyway. DeKalb coach Dave Rohlman and his players knew of the situation, and told the referees they did not want the call. The referees had no choice. But Rohlman did.
"I gathered my kids and said, 'Who wants to take these free throws?'" Rohlman said, recounting the game to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. "Darius McNeal put up his hand. I said, 'You realize you're going to miss, right?' He nodded his head."
McNeal, a senior point guard, went to the line. The Milwaukee Madison players stayed by their bench, waiting for the free throws. Instead of seeing the ball go through the net, they saw the ball on the court, rolling over the end line.
"I turned around and saw the ref pick up the ball and hand it back to the player," Womack said in the Journal Sentinel. "And then [McNeal] did the same thing again."
Said Rohlman: "Darius set up for a regular free throw, but he only shot it two or three feet in front of him. It bounced once or twice and just rolled past the basket."
"I did it for the guy who lost his mom," McNeal told the newspaper. "It was the right thing to do."
Womack, overwhelmed by DeKalb's gesture, wrote a letter to the DeKalb Daily Chronicle, which had first reported the story.
"As a principal, school, school district staff, and community you should all feel immense pride for the remarkable job that the coaching staff is doing in not only coaching these young men, but teaching them how to be leaders," Womack wrote.
DeKalb had traveled more than two hours for the game, and waited another two as Womack rushed from the hospital, where he had been with Franklin, to the school to gather his team.
"We were sympathetic to the circumstances and the events," Rohlman said in the Journal Sentinel. "We even told Coach Womack that it'd be OK to call off the game, but he said we had driven 2½ hours to get here and the kids wanted to play. So we said, 'Spend some time with your team and come out when you're ready.'"
The two schools had met twice previously, and this one ended with a Madison victory, but as in the other games, they also shared a pizza dinner, "four kids to a pizza, two Madison kids and two DeKalb kids," Womack told the Journal Sentinel.
"That letter became a big deal in DeKalb," Rohlman said in the paper. "We got lots of positive calls and e-mails because of it. Even though we lost the game, it was a true life lesson, and it's not one our kids are going to forget anytime soon."
Womack, in his letter to the DeKalb Daily Chronicle, added this at the end: "I'd like to recognize Darius who stepped up to miss the shot on purpose. He could have been selfish and cared only for his own stats [I hope Coach Rohlman doesn't make him run for missing the free throws]."

Monday, February 23, 2009

A long day....But well worth it!!!

This past weekend I took an elementary basketball team to a tournament at Shannock Valley. I coached Taylor's 5th and 6th grade YMCA team this winter and we just kept the team together (and my son Christian who is in 3rd grade) to practice more and play a few extra games. It has been fun and the kids have really benefited from our time together. As you can tell from the picture, we won the tournament....but it was a long day of basketball....12 hours to be exact!!! I love coaching my kids and being involved in the things that they do...and trying to have an impact on their friends lives as well. The kids are growing up so fast and I know this time will not last I am trying my best to take advantage of each moment....I don't want to miss anything. One more week of basketball....then it is time to get ready for baseball season :-)

Monday, February 16, 2009

This Will Touch Your Heart

This is one of the most amazing and inspirational stories I have ever seen.....

Friday, February 13, 2009

I am Blessed

I wanted to share a picture of my two girls. I am thankful this Valentines Day to have a wonderful family...but extra thankful for my wife. Miss does so much for our family, which allows me to do alot of things that I have always wanted do do. She is a wonderful mother to our kids...and most of the time I have no idea how she gets everything done. We have been through alot together so far on the dusty trail of life and I love her more today than I ever have. Everything that we have been through has brought us closer together. She has grown into an amazing woman of God and I am very blessed to call her my wife (I am sure to get major brownie points when she reads this..LOL). Here is a video of our song that we danced to at our wedding. Thanks Miss...Happy Valentines Day...I Love You!!!!